How to Choose the Best Cake Displays

Everybody wants to have their cake and eat it too – and it is possible especially when you baked a cake that’s worthy of several blue ribbons at any county fair. As humans, we always eat with our eyes first and cakes, especially those that are masterfully decorated and designed to tempt your taste buds are even more perfect when you put them on display and display them to their best advantage.

Cakes and desserts in general, are part of what makes people flock to their favorite restaurants. In addition to the entrees and main courses, the dessert menu is what every person in the restaurant eagerly reaches for when it is offered. Some restaurants will put their cakes on push trays but most either rent or buy their own cold food display so that they can showcase their sweet masterpieces for everyone to see.

Whether you are a startup business or an existing one, investing in restaurant equipment like cake displays is necessary if you want your business to continue growing. As such, it is important that you exercise careful thought and consideration in your choices so that you end up with equipment that will serve you in long stead and will be worth every cent you invested in it. So you need to check that you can afford these displays and that you get them only from reputable catering equipment suppliers.

The best part about getting them from catering equipment suppliers online is the fact that there are companies that rent them out in addition to selling them. You simply fill out a rental form and then wait for your request to be approved within 24 hours from submission. You even have the option to buy the equipment when your rental period ends for a percentage of the original price. Also, you get to have your equipment repaired or replaced or free so you save on repair expenses.

The first thing you need to know is that there are different stands for different cakes. Pedestal stands for example, are for wedding cakes. These stands are better suited for holding heavy cakes and are usually available in round or square shapes. Domed cake stands on the other hand, feature a domed lid set upon a pedestal bottom and elevates your cake a few inches off any table or surface. You can remove the lid when you want to serve a slice of cake and put it back again when you’re done. These stands are mostly used in diners and in establishments that serve cake as part of their menu.

Satellite stands are used to create the illusion of satellites in space and to achieve this effect, cakes of varying heights and tiers are needed. This is usually displayed in formal dinner parties, wedding receptions and other big parties. They are also mostly used by bakeries to display cakes of different flavors so that customers are able to choose the ones they like. The stand’s pedestals usually vary in height, ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches.

In order to choose the best cake displays, you need to bear in mind that a good cake display will contribute to an ideal retail environment so it is important that you choose ones that are sturdy and are made of high-quality materials. You should also choose ones that will show off your cakes to their best advantage and one that will fit the theme of your store or restaurant as visual appeal is very important when you’re in the food business.

And lastly, choose stands that won’t get in the way when you work, especially when you have heavy customer traffic. It is also good to get cake displays that provide ample protection so that your food doesn’t get contaminated with bacteria or dust. Remember that above all else, safe food handling and storage is something you must practice so you won’t get your restaurant or business in trouble.