Green Tea – Much More Than a Drink

Green tea is the most consumed tea in Japan and China, containing only 5% to 10% of caffeine per cup. To avoid becoming bitter in its preparation should not be used boiling water, but below the boiling point or even cold, if you prefer. Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants that are known, protecting the body from free radicals if consumed regularly. Furthermore it has detoxifying, digestive and diuretic effects.


Combining the finest green teas with flowers, fruit and healing herbals, provides an absolutely delightful experience of tea offering different taste, textures and variety experiences, to entice people to drink tea more often.

Jasmine – The exotic aroma of jasmine combined with the green tea scent gives you a drink that is a true blessing to the smell and taste.

Japanese Cherry – One other alternative is the combination with Japanese cherry, that gives it a slightly sweet aftertaste very sophisticated and exotic.

How to Enjoy.

Enjoy drinking green tea, hot or cold, in any occasion, all year-long. It’s full of vitality and goes well combined with a meal, or at the end of a good meal relaxing and enjoying in the company of friends, or by itself, at work or in relaxing moments of the day, or cold on hot summer days.

How to prepare.

Be an expert and prepare your tea with art. In order to enjoy all properties and flavor follow this tips:

� The secrets of a good tea is also the water. Use filtered or bottled water

� When preparing green tea, turn off the heat once the water starts boiling to prevent “cooking” the delicate tea leaves.

� Use a teaspoon as measure – one per cup.

� Place the heated water over the tea on a teapot and let it infuse to taste between 3 to 5 minutes – use a strainer for the leaves, preferably acrylic.

� Pour the tea into a cup and let it rest for a while.

� Enjoy the colours, the complexity of the aromas.

Cooking with tea.

The tea will like to know, is not only to be consumed as a beverage. You can make ice cream, soft drinks, cakes or even use it as a spice in your cooking. Enrich your dishes, surprise with your culinary skills, offer your friends and family meals of different flavor and always, always healthy.

The ritual

A cup of tea is more than a drink. It caresses the senses, stimulates the mind and promotes friendship and companion.

No other beverage has the beneficial effects of tea.

Explore new flavors and aromas and discover ways to drink tea and protect yourself with the benefits associated with the green tea consumption.