What Is The Difference Between Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate

Chocolate. We all love it, but how much do we know about our favourite food? Probably not as much as we should. Chocolate is one of the most fascinating foods that you will ever come across and its makeup is something that everyone who is passionate about chocolate should make time to learn. There are a few myths surrounding both dark and milk chocolate, namely the fact that the one is better than the other in terms of nutrients, as well as things like fat and sugar, but to truly know for sure which one is better, a comparative analysis of the tow needs to be done. Before that though, the main difference between these two chocolates needs to be highlighted.

The main difference between milk and dark chocolate is the cocoa solid content. You may be wondering what this means. Chocolate is made up of, first and foremost, cocoa solids. It is theses solids that determine how the chocolate tastes. Sugar is added to the cocoa solids, as well as fat and that is how normal chocolate is made. Dark chocolate has got a very high content of cocoa solids and very little fat or sugar whereas milk chocolate has got the reverse.

The comparison between the two

Milk chocolate has got infinitely more fat in it than dark chocolate, making it not only different, but unhealthier as well. This makes it the ideal candidate for heart issues and other such maladies, whereas dark chocolate is associated with the reverse in people. If you are hoping to lose weight, but simply cannot seem to stay away from this decadent treat, always opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate!
In terms of calories, milk and dark chocolate are actually almost the same, meaning that they are on par with each other when it comes to this.
Dark chocolate has got a lot of anti-oxidants, all of which are incredibly good for the heart and blood system, whereas milk chocolate does not have the same amount due to its fat content. However, there are new studies that have shown that some forms of milk chocolate are carriers of bio active particles that are beneficial to things like our health.
When it comes to determining which of these is best, the general consensus in the medical community is that dark chocolate is better because of the fact that it does not have as much sugar and fat as normal milk chocolate.

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Is It Better to Drink Tea or Coffee

Coffee in the last few years has really stormed the world as a beverage that has been ingrained into our lives. It was only forty or fifty years ago that coffee seemed to be on the decline. I was briefly in the business at the time and product quality was hardly an issue; it was all about who had the best price. Then brilliant marketers took the product, reinvented the coffee shop concept, and by the 1990s coffee was on the upswing. Today coffee is the most popular drink in the world.

But other than the fact that many people love the taste, it gives us a caffeine kick and can be combined with an infinite number of enhancers to provide a variety of beverages. But is it truly good for our health? Right now it depends on what report you read. It seems on a weekly basis there are conflicting reports as to the effects coffee has on the human system. Almost all reports do not deny that drinking more than about four cups a day is harmful for most people.

Now we have another beverage that’s been around for centuries but has the start of a trend toward taking on coffee as the world’s number one beverage. There are probably more choices from the tea family as with coffee, especially if you throw in the herbal tea varieties. Most of us prefer that robust power of coffee to tea, but at least certain types of tea have unmistakable ingredients that will make you healthier.

If you want to zero in on one type of tea that is above the others, green tea would be your drink of choice. It is abundant in what has been called nature’s miracle compound: catechins. Its fantastic antioxidant properties help with digestion, fights viruses and protects the liver and brain from oxidation. They are important in combating aging diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Not the least of the interesting findings is how it can have an effect on fat metabolizing. As we age anything natural we can take to burn fat is worth it.

One other area that green tea and any tea for that matter can help is possibly a rather surprising area. There is still quite a lot of discussion as to what tea can do for muscle and joint pain, but a recent study has demonstrated some potential benefit. The reasoning for this goes along the following lines.

With intensive workouts microscopic tears develop in the muscles. This is the root of the muscle soreness and inflammation in the muscle tissues. It is thought that the antioxidant properties in all teas reduce oxidative stress, and that would directly impact on reducing inflammation. It is unclear with these tests just how much tea is necessary, but it does point out that the catechins in tea probably have some effect on muscle repair.

With the advent of tea bars opening in many areas of the United States in elsewhere, we may be in the beginning stages of another social trend. Personally, it may be hard for me to pry myself away from my coffee, I will be like many people looking into tea as another alternative

Chocolates, Desserts and Wines of the Upper East Side

Chocolate and wine pairings

Before launching into the places in the Upper East Side of NYC where chocolates, desserts and wine are all the rage, it would be wise to go through a few of the chocolate and wine pairings that you can enjoy in any restaurant that offers such menus.

1) Dark Chocolate, Red Wine and High grade Ports

Dark chocolate and red wines have a reciprocal effect on each other. Dark chocolate causes the tannins in red wine to flourish, which also leads to the increase in sweetness of the dark chocolate. At times, the fruits in red wines also lead to the coming out of the bitter undertones and smokiness that is usually found in higher grade dark chocolate. An example of a meal setting would be dark chocolate with Pistachios, Cointreau and dried cherries, coupled with wines like the famous Cabernet.

2) Milk Chocolate with a cream cordial

Since milky chocolate has a sweet creamy taste, you can pair this chocolate with creamy cordial to bring out the inherent sweetness. Orange liquor would be perfect for this, or any whiskey based drink.

3) White Chocolate

Since white chocolate has a sweet, nutty creamy taste, you can pair it with a full bodied sparkling wine, or other wines such as the Eiswine or Berenauslese.

Places on the Upper East Side to Enjoy Chocolates, Wines and Desserts

There are many places on the Upper East Side in NYC where you can indulge your appetite in chocolates, desserts and wines. Some of these places include:

1) La Maison du Chocolat

This is one of the best high-end Parisian Chocolatier in the city, with branches in Midtown, Wall Street and the Upper East Side. This luxury chocolate boutique offers unique combinations of chocolates and wines, allowing you creative license to explore and stimulate your taste buds. You can be assured of a highly titillating experience in this chocolatier.

2) Dylan’s Candy Bar Shop

This is another fun place that is worth a visit or two whenever you are in the Upper East Side. it is the best shop in the Upper East for chocolate bars that are strategically placed on a giant spinning rack. You will find many different flavors like Brownie Batter and Red Velvet Cake that you can use to experiment with selected wines at home or in other shops.

3) Serendipity

A place that would take you two to three months to book a reservation is definitely worth a try. This is the to-go place for desserts in the Upper East. There is a wide range of frozen desserts and sundaes that would go down really well in a sweets and chocolate connoisseur.

Lighting a Charcoal BBQ Grill

Summertime is when family and friends gather around the backyard BBQ Grill for delicious food and making happy memories. To ensure that those memories are happy precautions need to be taken when lighting the Charcoal in the backyard Grill. There are three ways of starting that fire. There is with Charcoal lighter fluid, a Charcoal Chimney and Electronic Ignition.

Let’s start with Charcoal lighter fluid. When using lighter fluid you should always follow the directions that are printed on the can. Gas fumes are easily combustible and flare ups are dangerous. Let the fluid soak into the Charcoal for the proper amount of time. Wearing gloves, use a long match or hand held lighter and don’t stand over the pile of soon to be lit Charcoal. Safety should always be a priority when lighting Charcoal this way and should be performed or at least observed by an adult.

Another way to light a Charcoal Grill is with a Chimney starter. Lighting a Grill with this method is easy. Simply crumple newspaper and stuff it in the bottom portion of the Chimney Starter and pour the Charcoal in the top. Then, using a match or lighter, light the newspaper on fire in several areas. Once the newsprint is on fire it will light up the Charcoal above. When the Charcoal is ash grey on top it may be dumped out into the grill for cooking where desired. Again, you must be careful when handling a hot Chimney. Wearing gloves that are heat and flame resistant is always recommended and performed by an adult or at least supervised.

Finally, the last way to light a Charcoal Grill is with Electronic Ignition. Not all Grills are setup with this type of lighting system. It contains a fuel source securely attached to the grill, that when turned on will light the Charcoal with the push of a button. When using this system a Charcoal Chimney may also be used or not. Once the button is pressed to light the Charcoal, it lights a gas flame to light the Charcoal directly.

Once the Charcoal is lit, the gas should be turned off and cooking should be done over the hot coals. As always, this task should be carried out by a responsible adult.

In summary, the three ways to light a Charcoal Grill is with lighter fluid, a Charcoal Chimney or Electronic Ignition (if available). There are different points of view as to what method is best. Some people believe using lighter fluid affects the flavor of the food on the Grill. There is also the point of view that using a Charcoal Chimney saves money because then there is no need to purchase lighter fluid. Whatever way you choose to light your Charcoal Grill, always be careful around the fire.

Summer time is here and many people enjoy the chance to go outside and BBQ. There is something special about grilling outdoors. Perhaps, it is the fresh air, or the glow of a fire, or the gathering of friends and family. Out door BBQ/Grilling is a lifestyle