Funny Facts About Coffee

Coffee is an essential part of one’s everyday life. You probably drink a cup or two of your favorite coffee concoction each day and maybe even love trying to make your own special coffee drinks. You probably visit the neighborhood caf´┐Ż whenever you can to have your coffee fix. But have you ever thought about why coffee became so popular? Or what the tree actually looks like? Well, now you have the chance to know about all these and more!

Here’s what you have to know…

Coffee is special for a lot of reasons, such as:

There is an Ethiopian legend that says that shepherds realized that caffeine has an energizing effect when they saw their goats dancing after eating its berries. Dancing goats, now that’s something!
The tree, where coffee berries come from grows up to 30 feet tall, but you barely ever see tall trees these days because they are often shortened to just 10 feet, or 3 meters for the purpose of easier picking of coffee berries.
Inside the berries, you will find the beans-which are then processed to become instant coffee.
George Washington invented instant coffee. But no, not THAT George Washington. This one is a Belgian George Washington from Guatemala. He made instant coffee using the press.
Milk was first added to coffee in the 1600’s when a French Doctor suggested that it was actually good for patients.
Islam is considered as one of the reasons why coffee became popular? Why? Because Islam prohibits alcohol, but promoted the use of coffee by saying that it is acceptable.
Voltaire, an author and French Philosopher was said to have drunk 50 cups of coffee a day. Yep. 50. Each Day. But please, do not try this yourself.
In Italy, it is recommended that a person drink at least a cup of coffee each day- because it is considered as a normal part of daily life.
Coffee wasn’t originally drank- it was eaten. Tribes in Africa mixed fat with the tree berries and turned them into balls.
Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, next to Oil.
All coffee grows only in what is known as the “Bean Belt”, or the area in the globe between the Tropics of cancer and Capricporn. Some of the countries are Mexico, India, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Uganda, Madagascar, Haiti, and the Philippines.

So Many Facts, So Little Time

See? There really is a lot that you should know about coffee. What you have read today are just some of those. Who knew that coffee actually had a colorful and interesting background? Now, you’d be able to appreciate that cup of coffee even more.