10 Delicious Chicken Dishes

Chicken is a popular non vegetarian option that is relished by non vegetarians all over the world. A lot of experimentation can be done with chicken.

10 delicious chicken dishes that are loved by people are as follow

Chicken kebabs
Divine in taste and perfect barbeque recipe, this is relished by people of all age groups. Nectarine salsa adds authentic flavor to this dish.

Chicken Marsala
It is another popular chicken recipe which is available in higher end restaurants. This is an incredible tasting dish that can be enjoyed along with the family members.

Cilantro Lime Chicken
This dish is perfect for Alfresco dinner adding a lot of flavor to the chicken breasts. Adding citrus to the dish makes this dish quite appealing.

Chicken salad with raisins
As the name suggests, this recipe comes with raisins ensuring the taste of the dish much better. Apples can also be added to this dish making it more tasty with a sweet flavor.

Chicken Scallopini
Chicken can be pounded into thin crispy scllopini and it tastes simply amazing. Breadcrumbs and a dash of lemon is added to this recipe after which the dish needs to be saute for almost three minutes.

Coconut chicken
As the name suggests this dish comes with a dash of coconut. This is a popular dish with a creamy and smooth texture added to this sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
This dish is prepared using butter that enhances its flavor. Boiled green beans and boiled potatoes can be served on the side with this dish.

Chicken sandwiches
As the name implies, this is a sandwich recipe with chicken as filling. This is a barbeque dish and can be served with fresh bread and pickles.

Chicken soup
Light in weight and nutritious for the body, this soup is great for good health.It is a great source for weight loss. In this dish, the meat is cooked at a slow rate. Sweet and spicy sauce can also be added to this dish.

Chicken Tostadas
This is a popular, authentic chicken recipe. Milk and flour mixture is used to prepare this dish. This dish can be cooked in an effortless manner and enjoyed along with the family and friends.

The above mentioned chicken recipes are quite tasteful and relished by people all over the world. They are easy to cook at home and can be enjoyed along with the friends and family members.