Coffee Makes the World Go Round

Have you ever thought about why there are different kinds of coffee in the world and why coffee in different places taste differently? For example, an Original, well-blended coffee mixture is smooth and tastes just right, as it is perfect for the Filipino tongue, but what about other kinds of coffee in the world?

Factors that affect the way coffee tastes

The way it is grown actually has a big impact on its taste. It is said that the best tasting coffee in the world are those that are grown in locations with high altitude. Those countries that are close to the equator, such as the Philippines, are the best places to grow coffee. Aside from that, other factors include:

The kind or variety of the bean
The type of soil on which the plant has grown
The kind of weather where the plant is, in particular, the amount of sunshine and rain. This is why tropical countries are great for growing the plant’s beans because there is a balanced amount of sun and rain.

And that’s why the United States does not produce Coffee. In fact, Hawaii is the only state that is able to grow it because of its tropical weather! And that’s why this addictive drink ingredient is considered as sort of a delicacy in Hawaii.

Here, there and everywhere

Here are some interesting facts about coffee from different parts of the world:

Brazilian Coffee is known for being mild and warm-bodied and come from the biggest coffee farms in the world.
Hawaiian Coffee grows around the Mount Loa Volcano in Kona, the largest island in Hawaii. It is full of aroma and very delicious.
Mexico is also known as one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world. Mexican coffee is often sharp and very strong-smelling.
Coffee in Puerto Rico is known for being fruity. Now, that really says something about the colorful life in the Caribbean!
Guatemalan beans is perfect for Chocolate lovers. Why? Because it has a distinct, rich chocolatey taste that those with sweet tooth will certainly love.
Yemeni beans tastes particularly like Mocha. This is because it has been combined with coffee grown in the island of Java. And yep, that’s where the name Coffee Java came from.
Indonesian Coffee is smooth but full-bodied, which is a result of their damp and warm climate.

No Escaping from Coffee

The fact that there are different varieties of coffee in the world proves that there’s a big world of coffee out there-and that you should at least try these different types of coffee at least once in your life. It’ll be an experience worth making.