6 Different Types of Tea That Will Cleanse Your Body and Mind

Starting your day with a cup of your favorite freshly brewed tea choice seems delightful and refreshing. However, today you should consider trying some other flavors that offer great benefits to the mind and body. You may have never tasted one or more of these wonderful teas but it may be time to open your mind to these new flavors.

There are teas prepared from herbs rather than leaves, and each of these varieties has certain medicinal effects to offer your body. Herbal teas will flush the toxins from your body and help you stay fit and healthy. One cup each day can eliminate some specific health problems such as stress, anxiety, obesity, gum problems, coughs, cold and other symptoms.

Passionflower tea will relieve stress and anxiety.

A cup of passionflower tea taken daily will help ward off stress and anxiety. Passionflower is an herb containing flavone chrysin which has a calming effect on your nerves. This is a wonderful remedy for people who easily get anxious over petty matters and experience recurring obsessive thoughts.

Though passionflower is known to be safe and does not react with prescription sedatives, it is better to ask your doctor if taking medication to treat anxiety and/or a nerve condition. If approved by a physician, drinking one cup before bedtime will ensure a good and restful sleep.

Oolong Tea will help you to stay in good shape.

Rich in antioxidants like catechin and caffeine, Oolong tea can ignite certain enzymes responsible for dissolving the fat molecules in your body. This tea boosts your metabolism which helps the body to burn fat at a higher rate.

The herb also contains polyphenol which can negate the fat building enzymes and sustain weight loss. The result is a thinner waist line and a more toned figure. Remember, Oolong tea is already rich in taste and you need not add sugar. Additives will only reduce its amazing health benefits.

Drink White Tea to reduce weight and look younger.

Since white tea leaves are picked and processed while still very young, the flavor is mild but the antioxidants remain highly active. Polyphenol and ECGC that is present in white tea will prevent fat cell formation in your body and works as an anti-aging agent. Daily intake of white tea also reduces the risk of colon cancer and lowers your LDL cholesterol level.

Black Tea will keep away bad breath.

There is no need for chewing gums or artificial breath fresheners if you drink black tea every morning. Black tea or Camellia Sinensis is the most common type of tea, contributing to 75% of the global tea intake.

Black tea has strong antioxidants that kill germs inside the mouth and prevent plaque and cavities, which are the chief causes for bad breath. Research confirms that drinking four cups of black tea daily also keeps your hearth healthy.

Ginger Tea will fight a cough and cold.

Coughs and other cold symptoms can leave your throat feeling very sore. One cup of warm ginger tea can help you get rid of these petty health problems. Ginger is a natural remedy for both coughs and colds. As an anti-inflammatory agent, this tea has a soothing effect on sore throats and headache.

Boil a few slices of fresh ginger root in one cup of water for at least 10 minutes. Then strain the water into a cup. Add two teaspoons of honey and fresh lemon juice for additional benefits. This not only adds taste to your ginger tea but also makes it a strong germ-fighting recipe.

Green Tea promotes good health and youthful looking skin.

Rich in powerful antioxidants known as catechins, green tea helps fight many issues ranging from cancer to cardiovascular diseases and maintain overall good health. Green tea is also a natural anti-aging agent that removes toxins and impurities from the blood and cleanses your body from within. The result is a radiant youthful skin and a healthy heart.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the tea that offers the benefits your body needs. You do not have to give up your favorite tea but rather supplement your diet with one cup per day to achieve some healthy results.

Can you name other teas known to promote good health?