Cooking Ways of Slow Smoky Pulled Pork BBQ

Barbecues are great for making non vegetarian recipes. The barbeque pork lovers are increasing day by day from every part of the globe as it adds a different smoky flavor to the pulled pork meat. The smoke infused inside the meat appeals every barbecue lover. With the advent of modern charcoal smokers, barbeque is still considered much better for cooking at home and in restaurants.

Slow cooked barbeque smoker cooking allows preparing pork at slow temperatures which makes it tender enough so that the meat falls right apart as you pick it up. The technique of barbecuing makes it much tastier and adds crispy texture to it.

The cut of meat for pulled pork is called pork shoulder or shredded pork as the cut of meat comes from the shoulder.

Many crowd pleaser recipes can be made with BBQ pulled pork. It can be easily served to the guests without taking much time. And, you will be amazed at how easy it is to cook and present to your guests.

Before using the barbecue it’s recommended to remove dirt from it. Use soap and water to clean the grill and remove any leftovers as it might change the taste of your pork meat.

Take your pork meat from the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature prior cooking it. The reward for planning ahead will be a juicier piece of meat.

Always pick your pork meat properly. The pork butt is less skinny so it can be smoked very easily.

Rub your pork meat with spices and herbs, salts which will add a tinge of taste to it. Use oil all over the front and back beforehand so that it is absorbed into the pork meat properly. You can also put some good amount of seasoning over the pork which will add flavors to it.

You can use a meat temperature checker which can help in keeping the temperature constant throughout the BBQ smoking process and result into good cooking of pork from inside.

Once the barbecuing process starts use indirect heat otherwise it won’t be able to cook it properly and it will remain uncooked at the center.

The pork can be barbequed in two ways actually one is the slow cooker and other is low heat. By using the barbeque method of slow cooking the pork will not be over cooked and will never dry up eventually. Other method of cooking on low heat or smoker cooking is to place the pork on the racks so that the smoke will start to form meats own juice.

Once the smoking is over which ends the cooking process. Now pull the pork pieces with fork and hence your BBQ pulled pork is ready to be served with bun or rolls or your favourite sauces. Some can enjoy them with the sandwiches or can be served alone.

Dirty New Orleans Voodoo BBQ Sauce Recipe

This sauce is dirty, down and dirty, meaning we got down to the bottom of things, to the true ingredients of what a sauce should be. In New Orleans people may move slowly, but no one has the time to play around.

The world is full of things these days added to our food that aren’t dirty but are downright ungodly. Gmo monstrosities, high frack-toes corn syrup, pesticides, it’s a wonder our bodies aren’t in even worse shape. A few years back I began to make some difficult changes in how I ate and how I choose the food I would be placing in my body. My choices were informed by science, logic, and spirit, like most good decisions.
Everyone has their own recipe for BBQ sauce, family honor has been lost and won on such a battleground. I’ve heard of people putting everything from Chai tea to Cola in their secret concoctions and the results are well, as can be expected. When we talk about the Southern region of the U.S., BBQ sauce almost becomes a religion. Yet when I look on my store shelves my eyes begin to get teary, and not from the heat in the sauce. The supermarket selections are pitiful and plenty. Most of the major brands are located in Chicago or St. Louis, not that they can’t make BBQ sauce in these places, but it isn’t the stuff of legend. The ingredient lists are as a long as my arm, not that that’s a bad thing, but half of these chemicals I can’t even pronounce. Making your own sauce may take a few minutes, but the taste and benefits are well worth the effort.

Dirty Voodoo Barbecue Sauce Recipe

1 cup organic Tomato sauce
1 6 ounce can organic Tomato paste
2 tbs. Honey
2 tbs. Balsamic vinegar
1 tbs. Coconut Aminos or Soy Sauce
1 tbs. Coconut oil
1 red Onion, diced
2 cloves Garlic, minced
2 tbs. Fresh Parsley, minced
1 tbs. Fresh Basil, minced
1 tsp. Onion powder
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 tsp. Chipotle Chili powder
2 tsp. Paprika
� tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp. Liquid smoke (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat coconut oil in saucepan over low heat. Add onions and cook until they begin to turn translucent. Add garlic to pan, just as it begins to brown add tomato sauce, tomato paste, Honey, vinegar, coconut aminos or soy sauce. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then add remaining ingredients. Cook for another 20-30 minutes, continue to stir and make sure mixture doesn’t boil. Remove from heat, add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy on everything from ribs to burgers to chicken and get some delicious dirty Voodoo mojo going.

Lighting a Charcoal BBQ Grill

Summertime is when family and friends gather around the backyard BBQ Grill for delicious food and making happy memories. To ensure that those memories are happy precautions need to be taken when lighting the Charcoal in the backyard Grill. There are three ways of starting that fire. There is with Charcoal lighter fluid, a Charcoal Chimney and Electronic Ignition.

Let’s start with Charcoal lighter fluid. When using lighter fluid you should always follow the directions that are printed on the can. Gas fumes are easily combustible and flare ups are dangerous. Let the fluid soak into the Charcoal for the proper amount of time. Wearing gloves, use a long match or hand held lighter and don’t stand over the pile of soon to be lit Charcoal. Safety should always be a priority when lighting Charcoal this way and should be performed or at least observed by an adult.

Another way to light a Charcoal Grill is with a Chimney starter. Lighting a Grill with this method is easy. Simply crumple newspaper and stuff it in the bottom portion of the Chimney Starter and pour the Charcoal in the top. Then, using a match or lighter, light the newspaper on fire in several areas. Once the newsprint is on fire it will light up the Charcoal above. When the Charcoal is ash grey on top it may be dumped out into the grill for cooking where desired. Again, you must be careful when handling a hot Chimney. Wearing gloves that are heat and flame resistant is always recommended and performed by an adult or at least supervised.

Finally, the last way to light a Charcoal Grill is with Electronic Ignition. Not all Grills are setup with this type of lighting system. It contains a fuel source securely attached to the grill, that when turned on will light the Charcoal with the push of a button. When using this system a Charcoal Chimney may also be used or not. Once the button is pressed to light the Charcoal, it lights a gas flame to light the Charcoal directly.

Once the Charcoal is lit, the gas should be turned off and cooking should be done over the hot coals. As always, this task should be carried out by a responsible adult.

In summary, the three ways to light a Charcoal Grill is with lighter fluid, a Charcoal Chimney or Electronic Ignition (if available). There are different points of view as to what method is best. Some people believe using lighter fluid affects the flavor of the food on the Grill. There is also the point of view that using a Charcoal Chimney saves money because then there is no need to purchase lighter fluid. Whatever way you choose to light your Charcoal Grill, always be careful around the fire.

Summer time is here and many people enjoy the chance to go outside and BBQ. There is something special about grilling outdoors. Perhaps, it is the fresh air, or the glow of a fire, or the gathering of friends and family. Out door BBQ/Grilling is a lifestyle

BBQ Grilling Safety

For grilling aficionados, the longer, brighter, warmer days of summer mean only one thing: Cookouts! This time-honored backyard tradition brings families, friends, and neighbors together to enjoy flame-cooked barbecue delicacies such as burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and chicken.

However, a jovial environment shouldn’t stop grill cooks from observing the proper safety precautions. Individuals preparing their foods over open flames should be aware of potential risks and take continual measures to avoid them.

Food Safety Considerations

Although hazards such as cross-contamination and food poisoning aren’t new to outdoor cooking, the different ways in which people prepare food for barbecuing may lead them to forget. Therefore, BBQ chefs should take particular care to observe food safety measures throughout the preparation process, including:

– Shopping. When purchasing meat in the store, choose untorn packages and transport them in separate bags from other food items. Ensure meat products don’t remain unrefrigerated for extended periods of time, causing them to spoil.

– Storage. To prevent bacteria growth, freeze or refrigerate poultry or meat as soon as possible after purchasing. Freezers should remain at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while refrigerators should stay at 40 degrees or lower. Use refrigerated meats within 1-5 days.

– Preparation. Always grill meat and poultry thoroughly, using a meat thermometer to ensure each piece has reached the correct internal temperature. Never place cooked meat on a dish that previously held raw meat, and keep meat hot until ready to serve.

Grilling Fire Safety Precautions

Although humans have been cooking with fire for thousands of years, modern conveniences such as stoves and microwaves can breed complacency when it comes to outdoor grilling. When using a grill improperly, operators place themselves at risk of severe injury. Before and during a cookout, observe methods to keep yourself and others safe, including:

– Outdoor use only. Whether charcoal or propane, grills are always unsuitable for indoor use.

– Cleaning and maintenance. Prior to each use, remove fat or grease deposits from the grills and the tray underneath.

– Location, location, location. To prevent spreading the cooking fire to surrounding areas, place a grill away from overhanging branches, eaves, deck railings, and housing structures.

– Proper charcoal ignition techniques. Use charcoal chimney starters, charcoal starter fluid, and electric charcoal starters with caution and according to the packaging directions.

– Proper propane ignition techniques. Propane grill owners should check gas tank hoses for leaks before their first use each summer and receive professional assistance rather than operating a leaky tank.

– Pay attention. Always monitor an active grill fire to ensure it doesn’t get out of control. Propane grill users who smell gas should immediately vacate the area and contact the fire department.

– Parental supervision. Pets and children should remain well away from the fire.

With the proper safety measures, backyard chefs and their families can enjoy delicious fire-cooked meals all summer long.

What are your secrets for a safe and tasty summer grilling experience?

Cooking With the Electric Teppanyaki Grill – How to Get the Best From Your Teppanyaki Grill Plate

Originating in Japan Teppanyaki is a style of cooking that has become particularly appreciated in the wider world, more so even than in Japan itself. The word ‘Teppanyaki’ is an amalgam of two words, ‘Teppan’, meaning an iron plate, and ‘Yaki’ which translates as ‘pan fried’, ‘broiled’ or ‘grilled’. Foods typically cooked in this style would include various meats, poultry and sea foods.

This method of cooking lends itself to outdoor use, possibly fired with charcoal or gas, or, more importantly when heated with electricity, it allows us to bring the grill indoors. The purpose of this article is to concentrate on the Teppanyaki cooking method inside the house.

Almost everyone I know loves either hosting, or being invited to someone else’s barbecue. This is an excellent way to meet up with friends whilst enjoying good food and great company. These are the times that we look back on with fond memories. Of course there are times when these occasions have to be postponed because of inclement weather and for some of us; the winters can be long and dark. This is electric Teppanyaki grill time!

Electric Teppanyaki Grills are incredibly cheap to buy, take a look, you’ll be surprised. They are cheap to run, very reliable and easy to clean. They are also incredibly easy to use. Anyone who can cook an egg can use a Teppanyaki grill. Unlike many charcoal and gas grills they do not produce a raging inferno. Many of us have seen the novice with a new charcoal BBQ sharing soot blackened meat that is raw inside. This does not happen with Teppanyaki.

You can have confidence that when you turn on your electric Teppanyaki grill it is not going to attack you or your food! Most models generally on sale have thermostatic temperature control and you’ll soon realise that meats that need searing will require the grill to be turned onto maximum and allowed to heat up. Use tongs to place your (previously oiled) meat onto the grill, sear and turn the meat. Once this is done turn the temperature down. Once the meat has been sealed by searing, it needs to cook through and you can do this gently.

A general tip, if this is new to you, is to ensure that you know which steaks or burgers are to be well done. You can ‘cheat’ by putting a small cut in the meat to see how the cooking is coming along and serve your rare and medium cooked meats based on your observations of someone else’s food! Naughty but forgivable.

More experienced cooks can really shine. What might otherwise have been a barbecue in different weather can now become an informal dinner party. The host or hostess can cook food in front of their friends just as might be seen in a Japanese steak house. Salad or vegetables can be pre-prepared and eaten on a serve yourself basis. This takes the concept of the stodgy old dinner party to a whole new level.

I know that you are going to love turning a wet and windy afternoon or evening into a stunning event that your friends and family will love. If you are a little nervous, don’t worry, you can always practice on the kids first!

The Teppanyaki cooking style can be used in every culture in the world where food is cooked. My idea of a great idea is a small dinner with family and a few friends in the middle of winter. We don’t want to be formal, just an easy going meal cooked on our electric Teppanyaki grill. A salad covers half the table, and at the other end the Teppanyaki is cooking peppers, onions, steak, burgers and sausages. This is the most successful ‘help yourself’ meal known to mankind. My website has two special pages that look further into these excellent grills