1 Project
1 Admin
500MB Storage
Yes, it’s really free!

10 Projects
5 Admins
5GB Storage
The essential feature set

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Admins
25GB Storage
Including Premium Features
SMS Alerts
Manage Events
Tracking Billing Time
Customize UI

How does the trial work?

We provide 14 days to use our “Pro” level subscription for free so you can experience all of the system options available. Near trial’s end, you can continue with “Pro”, or you can also downgrade to our “Starter” or “Free” plans.

After signing up, how is billing handled?

Once deciding on a subscription plan, we’ll bill your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit card automatically using United States Dollars each month or year- depending on what service time span you selected. We use Recurly for recurring billing management and PayPal as the back-end payment processor.

Which Web browsers work best with

We recommend either IE 8, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome for the best PJS user experience.

Is it easy to change my plan or cancel if needed?

We’ve tried to make it really easy to modify your account subscription after signing up. When you visit your “Account” page while logged in, you’ll see the upgrade, downgrade or cancellation options near the bottom of the page. If upgrading during a month or year, you’ll be billed for the prorated pricing difference between the old plan and the new selection. The same process applies for downgrading. Note that you’ll only be billed for the actual time using the platform, however we do not provide a prorated refund if you cancel your account. All account data is kept for a maximum of 45 days from the cancellation date before it will be automatically deleted.

How safe is my project data? is a highly secure project collaboration platform. Our proprietary software components and databases are hosted at Heroku, a leading host for cloud-based applications. We would suggest reviewing the Heroku Web site if you’d like to learn more about the security provisions that are in place to protect your data. Note that we also use 256-bit encryption (stronger than most Web sites) throughout the application and on all transaction-oriented pages for additional protection.

What is the best way to get support?

A great resource is our Support Forum, but you can also email our support team or give us a call to +1-425-998-6590.

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