Effortless Project Collaboration

ProjectStat.us makes online collaboration easy. Collaborate with your customers along with the people who help you get the job done. Enter basic details and a project invitation message is immediately dispatched.

Activity Feeds

Activity feeds are running account and project-oriented histories. Have a complete record of everything that was done both within your account along with particular projects.

File Sharing

Easily upload files in any format for any project. You control who has access and the system even sends the recipient an email alert automatically when a new file has been added for review.

Task Management

Efficiently manage project participant contributions with foolproof task management. Assign completion dates along with category and phasing information and ProjectStat.us takes care of the rest. It will even notify team members when a due date is near.


ProjectStat.us makes it painless to stay on top of each project’s schedule with easy-to-follow calendaring tools. At a glance, you’ll know both when deliverables are due and when deadlines have been missed.

Communication Threading

All communication related to any project is organized into easy-to-read threads. Helpful sorting tools and contextual metrics allow users to instantly know who said what and when. You can even alert participants via SMS for urgent issues (pro feature).

Billable Time

Easily track the tasks for which you bill both your clients and external parties in multiple currencies. ProjectStat.us keeps running totals and includes simple exporting tools to import data into any accounting or other external system.

Project Reports

Unlike other project management platforms that overwhelm you with confusing analytics, ProjectStat.us provides a streamlined reporting experience, including the ability to export, print or email all project-oriented stats.


A solution for creating and tracking project-oriented events beyond basic tasks. Provide the event details and ProjectStat.us will automatically send participants an RSVP email. It then monitors responses and allows you to download the associated data. You can even resend the invitation to non-responders.

Project Leaders

This feature offers the ability to delegate certain aspects of project administration to a particular participant.

Visual Setting Editor

This feature offers the ability for users to select their own starting template for the application. You can apply your own logo to the application (pro feature).

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