Explaining Task Types

When managing a project within ProjectStat.us, it is often necessary to assign a task to a participant.  However, we thought it would be helpful to allow users to classify tasks by their intended purpose.  So, we added the concept of “Task Types.”  How do they work?  Here’s how:


These are items where the user is asking the person to whom the task was assigned to do something specific.  For example, “Review Pricing Proposal for Customer X.”  This type is often the most widely-used.


These are typically an update-oriented task.  For instance, “Change Hotel Reservation Dates.”


Are you a contractor who issues numerous job bids to potential customers?  Well, this task type is for you.  It describes any task for which estimation will be required.  An example would be: “Calculate Hours Required to Complete Backyard Deck.”


This is similar to “Estimates,” however it refers more to a task where some fact finding will be needed.  For example, “Research 2013 Tax Deduction Changes for Business Travel Expenses.”

We hope this information helps.  Note that it’s also possible that an ability to create custom task types will be added to ProjectStat.us in the not-too-distant future.


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