Advantages of Drinking Tea

Why do you adore a hot cup of tea? Is it because you feel relaxed while sipping a warm cup of tea? Maybe it is the fragrance or the warmth of holding a tea mug in your hand or maybe it’s the lovely small talk that begins a relationship.

Besides making you feel awesome, teal also has a lot of health benefits. Did you know that tea decreases the danger of stroke and heart attack? Drinking tea regularly also protects you against cancer. It strengthens your immune system and keeps your bone strong.

Check my small list of benefits of drinking tea.

It has the perfect measure of caffeine

The minimal caffeine content in tea ensures that you do not get the anxieties, indigestion, headaches or sleeplessness associated with caffeine rich drinks. In fact, a latest study suggests that the minimal caffeine content in tea actually helps to increase tea’s cancer protection effects.

Tea keeps you young

The antioxidants present in tea protect your body from consequences of aging and the effects of pollution. A small dosage of caffeine teams with the antioxidants to combat aging and the effects of skin cancer.

It helps you fight against diabetes

Tea is a good blood sugar lowering agent that develops insulin sensitivity and controls blood pressure to prevent you from diabetes and other similar complications such as diabetic cataracts.

It keeps you fit

If you are gaining weight, I would suggest you to drink a cup of tea every day. Tea does not have any calories if you do not add milk or sweeteners. It also increases your metabolic rate so that you can burn 80 to 100 extra calories by sipping just five cups of green tea per day. You can also burn your extra calories by jogging every day but it is nothing like losing weight with a cup of warm tea

It gives you a sweet smile

You might be surprised to know that a cup of tea can offer you a sweet smile. It actually contains fluoride and tannins that keeps you away from dental plague. So, develop a habit of drinking unsweetened tea and add it to your daily dental routine of brushing your teeth.

It keeps you sane

Besides having stress reducing properties, the antioxidants in tea counteract the oxidative stress on the brain and decrease the danger of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Drinking a cup of good tea is not only about the feelings attached with it; it is actually about living a healthy life. Tea comes with a lot of benefits and advantages.