The ProjectStat.us Story
Management Tools and Online Collaboration
The first version of ProjectStat.us originally launched in 2006 and quickly drew a worldwide user following.

In 2009, the platform was acquired by Contrarian Solutions, LLC, a Bellevue, Washington (USA)-based creator of collaborative communication and relevancy-driven digital marketing Web apps designed to reduce operational hassles for small business owners while also boosting customer loyalty.

2012 marks the release of a greatly expanded offering, one that has been completely reengineered from the ground up.

The ProjectStat.us Approach
Project Management Tools and Online Collaboration
Our goal is to provide a refreshing alternative to both traditional project management tools and team-oriented online collaboration platforms.
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We want to help you be more productive and efficient in how you complete both internal and customer-oriented projects.
Project Management Tools and Online Collaboration
We don’t believe that a project management solution needs to entertain you, nor does it need to be loaded with a bunch of fluff features that you’ll never have neither the time nor need to use.
Project Management Tools and Online Collaboration
We know you’re busy, so we offer a straightforward product that can be mastered upon first use and with zero advanced technical skills.
Project Management Tools and Online Collaboration
We feel that it offers superior value when compared to similar systems and hope you’ll agree.
Key Benefits
Keeps your customers informed 24/7/365 without extra effort on your part
Documents all activities to keep everyone on the same page
Simplifies process to incorporate team members, contractors and other relevant resources
Allows participants to efficiently update and complete tasks


Foolproof tracking of all billable items
Eases collaboration management burden so you can focus on delivering quality output
Plays nicely with other business management systems you may use

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