Customer Communication Made Easy
Let us introduce you to It is an easy-to-use and Web-based project tool for keeping all aspects of a client's project organized, while also letting customers obtain the latest activity status at their convenience.
Say goodbye to multiple rounds of phone and email tag. keeps both sides on the same page 24/7 and promotes highly efficient online collaboration in the process.
Your clients will be delighted that they' ll no longer have to hunt you down to get an update about where things stand with their project. You'll be thrilled that you'll finally have more time to do great work for your customers while increasing their satisfaction and loyalty immensely.
How Does Work? allows providers like you to define project parameters and to then document all work performed from start to finish. Customers can always follow along via the Internet by logging into the application using a unique token that you've assigned. Users can leave messages for each other, assign tasks, store files and even provide ratings as to how well the project is being managed. You can see for yourself how easy it is to manage customer relationships with by watching the brief video below: